Sunday, October 07, 2007

like a junkie needing a fix

and the crazy continues...

on thursday i met up with the guy based in missouri. we watched a movie and then had a snack before we each had to rush off for our own appointments. it was a pretty nice time. chances are that he's leaving to head back to missouri on monday so before we parted he asked when he could see me again and we made plans to meet on sunday.


i spent friday night the usual way... with my party girl and the yummy mommy at cozy hole-in-the-wall bar. there was this other guy (a good friend of the bartender aka dj guy) there who i've met several times before but hadn't seen in a while so we chatted a lil. i've always found him pretty attractive, but i also know his girlfriend and think she's really cool.

per usual somewhere along the way dj guy and i started getting huggier. lately it seems like we've been into a lil more pda than previously. and then there was this time when he took a sip from his drink and then kissed me to pass the drink from his mouth to mine. i thought that was pretty hot since if either one of us was less coordinated, it would have resulted in one of us having a wet shirt. speaking of shirts, he was wearing his 3/4 unbuttoned so i cheekily unbuttoned the rest of his shirt just for the fun of it. i must say his chest doesn't look too bad.

we did manage to have a lil chat as well though one of the things he mentioned was the first day we met and how he had liked me then. he also commented that his lips were sore for 2 days after our make out session last week. not that he was complaining. on the contrary he said that he liked that i was a lil aggressive in my kissing. i claim that i was just following his lead.

as usual there was some teasing from the regulars in the bar who saw us all huggy and a lil kissy. dj guy's good friend actually told me that dj guy really likes me. somehow i still find it hard to believe when he doesn't seem to make any effort to meet me outside the bar. when it was time for me to call it an early night, i made my rounds saying goodbye to all the regulars. and got a surprise peck on the lips from dj guy's good friend. his girlfriend was right there. thankfully she's pretty cool. but perhaps i might have to be a lil more watchful since i always got this feeling that he sorta likes me a lil even though he's totally in love with his girlfriend. when it was dj guy's turn to say goodbye to me, we kissed a lil. and then it was obvious it was going to start getting heavier. but we were right there in the front of everyone and both agreed that that wasn't the best idea.

soon after i left the bar... i hesitated for a moment... and then decided to throw caution to the wind and called dj guy.

jo: get outta there
dj guy: okay

he met me outside the bar and we made out for bout 10 mins. as usual it was hot. he said that he misses me and that he's happy to see me. he also admitted that he wanted me bad. and i'm just still unsure bout it all. but like a junkie who needs a fix, i have to admit that lately dj guy has been a drug i can't get enough of.


saturday was an earlier day for me 'coz i made plans to meet chatty triathlete to join him and his triathlete teammates for lunch. as previously mentioned, my friend's husband is in that team as well. my friend is based in dubai for work but it so happened that she was back in town for a few days and was at the lunch too. i knew bout this from chatty triathlete but decided to keep my impending presence at the lunch as a surprise for her. indeed she was surprised. and of 'coz gave me silent looks which meant to say that i definitely owed her an explanation on what was going on between me and chatty triathlete (who she only met for the first time).

it was good to catch up with my friend. and i also got to chat a lil with the other members of the team. it's a pretty big team and naturally i'm a lil lost, but they seem nice. hopefully i'll get a chance to meet up with 'em more often... maybe eventually even train with 'em though that still intimidates me a fair bit.


later on saturday night, i helped out in a friend's wedding. it was a really small affair so only me and another mutual friend was invited. but since she couldn't attend, i was alone at the wedding. thankfully i wound up chatting and getting along really well with my friend's brother.

here's the funny part. he's 21 years old. i can't believe it. what's with me and getting along with 21 year olds?? wasn't shy (now ex) colleague and the youngest one enough?

anyhow i appreciated the company of my friend's brother and he asked for my IM address so maybe we might keep in touch. then again it's still funny and maybe a lil weird?

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At 5:59 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

we like funny & weird, remember?

Also, I think som innocent flirting could be good to balance of the steamy thingy you've got going on with the DJ guy...

At 2:57 AM, Blogger jo said...

crashy: well to add on to the funny and weird, my friend's brother and i have been IMing.

there really isn't any flirting there... i mean he's 21! not that it's stopped me before hahaha!

but what you said bout balancing out the steamy thing i've got going with dj guy made sense. maybe that's why i've been 'dating' other guys lately? but dang i wished i had both the physical and the intellectual connection all rolled into one.

At 7:05 AM, Blogger The Ambiguous Blob said...

weird is not necessarily bad.


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