Tuesday, October 02, 2007


lately it's just been a lil crazy with all the guys... i've been doing just what i said i would a few weeks back, which is to multidate. and so far it's been 4 guys in the span of one week. i've officially hit a new high.

yesterday i met up with a new guy who i got to know through the original online dating site. he's based in missouri but is back home for a vacation. what was initially supposed to be meeting up over coffee turned into a dinner and then turned into dessert which then turned into more chatting time. we spent 9 hours together. on our first meeting. the only time that was ever matched on a first meeting was when i went to the museum with my family friend's setup. and even then, that can't quite compare 'coz i had group meetings with my family friend's setup before whereas it was the very first face to face meeting with the guy based in missouri.

he's better looking than i expected and we got along just as well as i had suspected. he's pretty nice and kinda goofy with a good sense of humour and yet someone who is capable of talking bout more serious topics. he also commented that i was attractive, eloquent, intelligient and competitive enough to strategically beat him in a game he just taught me. chances are he's leaving to head back to missouri next monday but he's already asked if we could meet up again before he leaves. i'm not sure bout the whole long distance thing but i definitely wanna at least stay friends with him 'coz it seems like we do get along.

so after i came back home, i received a few texts from chatty triathlete asking if he could call me for a lil chat. and so we chatted. he seems like a nice and sweet guy even if he also seems like he's capable of emotional attachment a lil too quickly. he talked bout wanting to introduce me to the team of athletes that he belongs to. i reckon i'm okay with it. afterall it's always good to have more friends. though it's also a lil intimidating 'coz they are all so athletic. i'm no couch potato, but compared to 'em, i just might as well be one.

at this moment, i'm kinda just out there having fun. and honestly so far it's been pretty nice.

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At 7:04 AM, Blogger The Ambiguous Blob said...

The more you date, the more you realize how many options you really have.

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

Well then, in that case just go with the flow and do whateva you feel like Jo. When it feels right, you'll know.

Good luck!


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