Tuesday, January 08, 2008

in happier moments

on sunday i finally got to meet up with my good friend's husband-to-be.

to be honest it was odd in the beginning. as they approached me, they were holding hands. perfectly normal. only that she didn't use to do that with her long-term ex boyfriend. in fact the basis of oddness had to do with the fact that i just wasn't used to seeing her with anyone else besides her ex boyfriend. but then as all sat down for coffee and snacks and got to chatting, it was all pretty comfy.

i like him. he's nice and has a great sense of humor. he totally cracked me up at some points. and they are cute together. you can really tell that he's so in love with her. the lil looks, cheek kisses, hands on thighs. which actually is kinda sick haha! but also kinda sweet as well. most importantly i can see that she's happy. i'm not sure if i've ever seen her that happy. which makes me happy that she's finally found a guy who treats her well and that she's in love with.

so after the brief meeting, i happily texted her my vote of approval to which she replied...

jo's good friend: so do you trust my mom to set you up? :P

hmm... well everyone knows that i don't mind indian men (perhaps i never mentioned it before but my good friend, her husband-t0-be, dj guy and dj guy's best friend are all indians)...


later at night, as i took one of my longer runs, i couldn't help but suddenly be reminded of dj guy's smile...

he doesn't smile all that much. he's a lil moody like that. and the few pics i have with him, he didn't smile either (like most guys when taking pics). but when he does smile (and okay, it isn't that rare that he smiles...), it's beautiful.

and as i was running, i was reminded of his smile. and it made me smile. it made me happier. and i run better when i'm happier.

maybe i just have to hold onto the happy memories, bittersweet as they might be, learn from the bad memories, forget 'em and try to move on...

but i might have to keep that memory of his smile just to do better in my sport.



At 11:25 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

Ask her to set it up!

Worst that happens, loser.

Best that happens, winner.


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