Thursday, January 03, 2008

some sort of a new year's resolution

so as i finished the last of my exams yesterday (yes, those evil powers-that-be scheduled my exams to ensure that i had neither a christmas nor a new year celebration), i poked my head outta my "hibernation" and had that first taste of true freedom...

what better way than to send fun emails to my best friend... gotta love that...

jo: so guess what day is today?
jo's best friend: hmm let me see... *insert someone's name* birthday... why are you still remembering?
jo: apparently YOU'RE remembering too haha! i can't help it... i think it's one of those dates that is just gonna be stuck in my head forever. shall i tell you when *insert the variation of dj guy's name that we've given him* birthday is? let's just say 2 days after yours haha!

but you would be glad to know that thus far i have not wished someone. it's crazy how i do this every year. remembering and resisting the urge to do the friendly thing and wish him. some years i succeed in ignoring it completely (if you don't count the fact that i totally remember it). other years i cave in and wish him.

oh and my family friend's setup has returned from being missing in action and has been sighted on IM. i'm pretty sure he must have been away on holiday the past over week... not that he cared to tell me. nor did he respond to my text wishing him happy birthday. and even though he's back from wherever, he hasn't IMed me so i'm gonna be resisting to contact him first.

well this year is the year of me not being a doormat. the year of me (in the words of incubus) not letting "fear take the wheel and steer" but breaking away from the conditioning and realising that "i should be the one behind the wheel" and hopefully "find that when i drive myself my life is found".

so i'm trying not to bother with boys that don't bother with me. and i've decided to try and pretty much do whatever i want, whenever i want, however i want. so i'll be good if i want to... and i'll dirty up that clean slate if i want to. i want to play by my rules and only answer to me.

i claim that i don't really do new year's resolutions... but has that turned into some sort of a new year's resolution??

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At 3:40 AM, Blogger Frankly, Scarlett said...

The Russian (aka 'fuckhead')'s birthday was the Sturday before Christmas. I told him I would call...and did even though I did NOT want to talk to him. (I waited until 11:45 p.m.). UGH - definitely good resolution - don't bother with boys that don't care about fabulous girls!

At 2:19 PM, Blogger jo said...

scarlett: it's funny how he asks you to call him on his birthday given the fact that you guys broke up and all that. and btw my family friend's setup shares the same birthday as the russian...

At 5:39 AM, Blogger The Ambiguous Blob said...

it sounds like a great start to a year with many possibilities for FUN.


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