Saturday, February 02, 2008

rock dj

i love friday nights with my party girl and the yummy mommy. even though admittedly sometimes we do get a lil stuck in the rut and go to all the same places.

yesterday we decided to hang out in a different location. we met up with another friend who i haven't seen in what must seem like at least over a year. and we all decided to head to this club that i haven't been to in ages. recently the club had gone through a revamp complete with a new name. but somehow it didn't quite pick up as yet 'coz it was pretty empty.

that suited me fine 'coz it just meant that we got our drinks faster and had more space to dance it out. and of 'coz time to chat with the band...

yes, when i first walked in, i took one look at the lead singer and knew that he was totally my type. he was a rocker dude hottie with a husky voice and black nail polish. and he kept looking at me as he sang.

later we got introduced by the club manager (who happens to be a friend of our friend) and the lead singer seemed more friendly with me than with the other of my girls. he kept touching my back and waist. yeah he's cute but i also know this game they play. but still... dang... totally my type.

my party girl wasn't too impressed though. and she kept saying how dj guy was better. sigh... as if i really needed any reminding... as it was, i felt as though i kept seeing him in the club when that is simply not possible to begin with.

the club manager asked us to come down for the valentine's day massacre party. honestly that sounds really fun. i'm hoping my party girl and the yummy mommy will be up for it 'coz i totally am even though it's a work night.

in the end the empty club started to get too boring for us and so we decided to head to another club. one of our more usual places. it's right next door to the club that dj guy now works in. and i would be lying if i said that i didn't wish that i would have bumped into dj guy. (ooh bumped haha!)

i didn't stay long 'coz i had to be up earlier the next day. and besides i started to get bored as my party girl was busy talking to a guy friend she ran into and the yummy mommy went off making out with a guy that she knew...

yep, just another thing to miss...

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