Wednesday, January 23, 2008

not quite 27 dresses just yet

last night my best friend's sister, her boyfriend and i went to watch 27 dresses. i was excited to watch it. i knew it would be just the kind of movie i would enjoy. and i did.

the movie got to me. when katherine hiegl's character talked bout how her favorite part of a wedding is when the bride walks in and how she likes to look at the groom, i could so relate 'coz that's always been my favorite part of a wedding too. seeing the look on the groom's face as he is so happy and in love. and i can imagine that when i do walk down that isle, i'll see my husband-to-be's face just like that. yes, i'm a bit of a sap like that.

i thought that james marsden's character was so sweet and proactive. i found myself wishing that i could meet a guy just like that. and if he looked just like that, that would be a bonus too (afterall when i first saw james marsden act in the tv series second noah over 10 year ago, i deemed that he was the perfect guy). i even like the whole play-fighting thing too.

but strangest of all, this movie made me feel sad and hopeful all at the same time...

maybe i need to help some friends plan their weddings. some 27 friends to be exact. well so far i've only been part of the bridal entourage 3 times. looks like i have a way more to go before meeting that awesome guy who will pick up my lost filofax (nevermind that i don't even have one... ooh maybe i should start keeping one...) and pencil his name in for an appointment with me every saturday. give me flowers, change my ringtone to "our song" and turn up at places where i'm expected to be. in fact he just might be like a creepy stalker type if he weren't as sweet and cute. i think i need a weird 'hobby' to make him intrigued. or do you reckon just being undeniably quirky is enough?


tonight i met up with chatty triathlete. it must have been one of the quickest meeting ups i've ever had... ever. we were done with dinner, returned each other's stuff and did a lil checking out of a sports store all in less than an hour flat.

so bout his new girlfriend... apparently she's nothing like me. she's 3 years older than him (i am 2 years younger than him), loves shopping and isn't the athletic type. but oh well something somehow must fit with him. 'coz they are talking bout marriage.

it's crazy. when did people suddenly skip right past the whole dating stage and went straight into discussing marriage after a month of being together? or is it 'coz we're all at the age where if you know (or at least think you have a pretty good idea) that this person is right for you, then there's no point in having a long courtship. might as well just get to it already.

thanks. way to go to put the pressure on a very single girl who hasn't had a date in months and can't even seem to find someone she likes who treats her right.


so after a really busy time at work recently and chatty triathlete leaving me at 7.30pm to head home to call his girlfriend (yes, i'm bout to puke from all that mush), i wasn't in the mood to head home just yet.

in the end, my not-so-platonic ex-friend asked me to join him and his colleague for some beers. i needed that. but i also wasn't looking to have a late night since i knew that work wasn't going to get any less busy and i needed to be fully functioning. but despite that, leaving at 9.30pm wasn't exactly what i had in mind either.

i guess it was somewhat fun. as usual my not-so-platonic ex-friend was winding me up a lil. and then he left me which reminded me again of why he's so wrong. not that i ever wanted to really go there anyway...

honestly my emotions are just all over the place. and i'm just struggling. damn, i just need something to work out in my life...

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At 1:59 AM, Blogger Frankly, Scarlett said...

Awwwww! i LOVED 27 dresses! Uber cute :) Thank GOD i don't have THAT many friends!

At 11:07 AM, Blogger Scotty said...

I saw it :) It just reminded me how much I missed receiving those looks..

As for the month long deal.. I think as people grow older they know more of what hey want, and what will/will not work. So, that just makes the time a little shorter. However, I still think that a month is a little too little.

At 4:20 AM, Blogger Miss Pickle said...

I saw 27 Dresses on Tuesday night, too! I was a sap like that, too....and thought the very same thing...24 more weddings to go! LOL

As for the marriage talk after only a month? Wayyyy too soon in my opinion!

At 10:07 AM, Anonymous britneyblog said...

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