Saturday, March 08, 2008

friday night frights

friday night with my party girl probably saw the greatest number of guys trying to hit on me in one night. some by acquaintances/friends i know and others i just met. but before anyone gets too excited, perhaps i should say that they were all either not my type or married or engaged.

yes. apparently i attract quite a motley crue.

it started with us celebrating a guy acquaintance/friend's birthday at a bar. that was pretty chill out with good conversation even though there were a number of drinks. i got to know this guy. he was huge! he looked like his tummy alone could crush me entirely. unfortunately he took a shine to me. and made that very clear. not just to me but to everyone else around. he just kept on raving bout how beautiful i was (i'm sure it was beer goggles at work), how he wanted to take me out and how happy he could make me. er... okay.

so i met this other guy who somehow wound up being my buffer. he's married. but my party girl joked that he was my fan. yeah well i suppose he did seem to be hitting on me a lil. but it wasn't that bad.

and then later a few of us headed over to cozy hole-in-the-wall bar. it was there that we ran into a few other regulars.

one of 'em was one of the bar owners. he's a crazy guy. he's also an oldish divorced guy who has 2 kids. we chatted a bit and he told me that i was an enigma. not exactly the first time anyone has said that. quirky. enigma. paradox. i'm thoroughly familiar with all these words that others have used to describe me. but then this time he decided to confess bout how he's always liked me. he asked me home with him. and said that if he weren't about to get married this year (to a 23 year old no less), he and i would have a shot at love. er... okay.

and then another regular told me how sexy i was. incidentally i've always had this feeling he checks me out. then again he has told me on several occasions that he likes my ass, my arms and thinks that i would look hot in white lingerie.

i really meet these stellar guys don't i?

and don't get me started on how many times i was asked why am i still single.

i'm beginning to wonder myself. perhaps i should hang a sign on me saying "no, i don't know why i'm still single".

but perhaps the reason for that is simply 'coz the ones i actually like, don't give me the time of day.

i texted the mind-reader. so sue me, but in my (mild) defense, i thought that my party girl was going to head home early and i didn't wanna be 'alone'. and okay okay, i was tipsy enough to feel like making out and there was no interesting candidate haha!

jo: so where you at?
the mind-reader: who's this?
jo: jo... so you've already audited me outta your phone? haha!
the mind-reader: haha no no i switched phones. the other one was screwed. where you at?
jo: i'm at *insert name of general location*... you?

he never replied. and i guess technically it's the whole "3 strikes you're out" rule. but somehow that is always hard.

i really need a new distraction. someone new to make out with.

when i start to realise that i'm liking someone too much and it doesn't seem like it's going to work out, i freak out. i try and stop it somehow. that's when i usually try and find someone new.

i'm starting to think of the mind-reader too much. hence the need for someone new to make out with.

okay so perhaps it doesn't really help entirely in the not thinking of him too much bit. but at least it tricks you into thinking that he isn't as big a deal to you as you initially thought. yes, i realise that i'm warped.

and to add to it all, i'm still missing dj guy to a point where my subconscious dreamt bout him last night. i can't really remember the dream but i know it had to do with us making things work. and even when i'm not in my dreamscape, i admit that that's pretty much all i want and think bout.

gosh i'm just all over the place. i just wished something would work out.

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At 9:55 AM, Blogger Scotty said...

I know huh? Why can't the people we like, like us back?

It's a two way street, one where we only control one side. To get someone on the other side to stop, that's the hard part.

At 10:17 AM, Blogger jo said...

scotty: but somehow i always find that more often than not, i'm on the side where i'm the one liking the person too much. so it's more like trying to get someone on the other side to start. that's the harder part.

At 2:33 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

Ahh.. I wish it were easier too.

Finding someone who realizes you as much as you realize them.

At 1:16 AM, Blogger Ginormous Boobs said...

I am right there with you. If I get the sense my feelings are creeping in and they might not be reciprocated, I try and find a distraction.

In reality, I would love to throw caution to the wind and put all my eggs in one basket.

I am just always too scared.

I wish he liked me as much as I liked him.


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