Monday, April 21, 2008

letter to a guy

dear guy #1 (or any guy who has previously exhibited or will be in future exhibiting similar characteristics),

so we've spent some time IMing (or making out) and it's undeniable that we do get along (or make out) really well together. and unless you're living in a cave, it's probably safe to assume that from my IMs (or making out or tipsy texts), you should be able to infer that i'm kinda interested. i mean why else would i be IMing (or making out or tipsy texting) you if i weren't?

hence i wished that you would just ask me out. dude... ask. me. out. i promise i won't bite (too hard). it's already obvious that we're getting along (or making out) fabulously. so why not just ask me out? we might actually have fun (or make out).

contrary to some popular belief, i'm actually really shy. i might just die if i had to ask a guy out. especially one that i'm kinda interested in (or wanna make out with). so please help a shy girl out... ask. me. out.

i'm certainly hoping that you will... or at least step it up a lil. something, anything to make me feel that the IMing (or making out) chemistry that i thought i felt wasn't wrong.

here's hoping to hear from you... and not having you poof into oblivion (the way too many guys do)...



and by some twist of fate, i think the dating powers-that-be heard me... 'coz he just asked me out!

i'm kinda nervous... i'm even missing my gym class for this 'date'. what happens if we don't get along as fabulously as we do online? maybe i'm worrying too much... afterall he thinks i'm "so so so freaking funny" and "seriously one entertaining persona" 'coz i had him in tears and caused him to nearly fall off his chair, keeled over in laughter. that's good right? i mean a sense of humor?



At 11:53 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

A sense of humor is good!

Try and not think too much ;)

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Ginormous Boobs said...

I am just like you...outgoing, but a total wimp when it comes to asking boys out.

In fact, I would rather chew off my arm than do it...

Glad to hear you didn't have to go that far.

At 12:49 AM, Anonymous adatingdiary said...

why can't guys just grow a pair and ask a girl out? I think a large part of it is them being clueless.


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