Sunday, April 20, 2008

the saturday after the pity party

the setting:

i had just come outta the shower to find that i had a missed call from the rich kid's number.

the thoughts:

ohmygosh maybe he's wondering if i got home safely... ohmygosh maybe he's stepping up?

the conversation:

"hey", i said as i returned the call.

"hi!!", came a friendly voice. a voice that was not the rich kid's. "it's *insert name of the rich kid's tennis partner for the day*"

"oh hi!", i admit that i was a lil surprised to have him calling me... and perhaps more than a lil disappointed that it wasn't the rich kid.

"just wanted to tell you that we are playing tennis now and *insert the rich kid's name* is taking off his shirt", he said. "so feel free to come down and take a look"

i had to laugh at that.

"from your hand actions last night, it seemed like you wanted to touch his tits right?", he added jokingly.

cue to more laughing on my part.

"no no... i suggested last night that the both of you take off your shirts so i could judge who had a better body. but since neither of you wanted to, i said that i could also tell by feeling." i tried to clarify.

the verdict:

the rich kid's tennis partner for the day was hilarious. and no, the rich kid is not stepping up. and yes, i'm a lil disappointed.


i decided that i shouldn't have to play by the 3-day rule that you hear boys play. i was thinking of contacting my new BFF and i decided to just go right ahead and text her.

well we exchanged IM addresses and i hope to chat with her soon. she seems cool and it's always good to have more friends.


i had an IM chat with my ex-department-colleague...

ex-department-colleague: what did you do last night
jo: *insert name of club i was at* haha!
ex-department-colleague: with your friends
jo: i went with that guy and his friends
ex-department-colleague: ahh
ex-department-colleague: he asked you or you asked him
jo: he asked me to join his friends so i was like okay
jo: he saw me online at home haha!
ex-department-colleague: i took a second close up look at him last week
ex-department-colleague: think he's not really that cute
jo: oh you saw him last week? haha!
jo: he's not like damn hot but i find him quite cute still
ex-department-colleague: woah woah
ex-department-colleague: singing praises
ex-department-colleague: like him huh
ex-department-colleague: i saw him at *insert name of bar where the rich kid and i first met* last friday
jo: haha! he's always there man
jo: like him? but we're just friends haha!
ex-department-colleague: definitely popular among girls
ex-department-colleague: 'coz one of my friends commented that he has many girls to hug
jo: hahaha!
jo: i'm not surprised!
ex-department-colleague: did he hug you when he was drunk and talking to you
jo: so far he doesn't drink enough to get drunk
jo: actually i'm okay with hugging... i'm quite the huggy sort too haha!

so yes, i don't think hugging is all that big a deal. afterall i'm all bout hugs and cheek kisses even from some guy friends. but that said maybe i should wonder why he isn't hugging me? is that a good or bad sign? gosh i'm probably just overthinking this.

and while i'm at it, i can't quite decide if he's a player or not. although he does seem to know a whole lot of female friends, i don't quite feel the player vibe. for the most part, he just seems laidback. maybe even in that laidback way of a guy who knows that he's cute enough to get the girls flocking to him. or maybe he's just a player who's really good at the game...



At 6:33 AM, Anonymous adatingdiary said...

hmmm. Hope he steps up!!!

Fingers crossed!!

At 10:51 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

3-day rule should go in the trash.

At 3:36 AM, Blogger The Ambiguous Blob said...

players who are good at the game will never have you questioning if they are a player or not.

At 2:10 PM, Blogger jo said...

ambiguous blob: so if i question their player status, does that mean they're not players or that they're players who are bad at the game? i'm confused haha!

At 11:42 AM, Blogger Ginormous Boobs said...

True players will always make you feel like one in a million even when you are one of a million.

This guy just sounds inconsiderate. And kind of lame.


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