Friday, August 01, 2008


you know how sometimes things just kinda sneak up on you? yeah well i'm beginning to feel that way bout drummer boy.

i know i said that despite being able to talk easily with him bout nothing at all, i don't think i can confide in him. well now i'm not sure. our last few conversations definitely had a confiding element in 'em. for both of us. he tells me that he really enjoys talking to me and i told him likewise. and i'm also starting to find him intriguing.

i think when we first started chatting, it was just a slight flirting thing going on. which don't get me wrong, is always nice. and while the flirting thing is still there, we have started talking a lil more bout our past relationships and other stuff. he even told me how he lost his virginity... er... didn't really need to know that... but okay...

maybe i'm finding it surprising that he seems to be deeper, more logical and well thought-out then i initially thought. i'm not one to judge appearances but you gotta admit that when you think of a hardcore rock drummer boy with piercings and tattoos, you don't exactly think all roses and sunshine. not that he is. but he doesn't seem to be all bad boy (okay maybe he's just reformed bad boy) either which is refreshing.

on wednesday night we met up again. i was out with my best friend's sister and then he came by to pick me up where we just went to get a non-alcoholic drink and chat. later when we got home, we texted and then chatted on the phone and then texted again for the next over hour.

so do i have a crush on him? maybe a teensy weensy bit? and i have this feeling he has a teensy weensy bit of a crush on me too. i still don't think there's any true potential for us, but at any rate i'm enjoying our conversations and for now i'll just settle for that.


my dinner on tuesday got postponed to thursday 'coz last minute he had a church dinner gathering. in a great IM conversation on tuesday afternoon, he told me that he "can't wait to meet" me. and i also learnt that i was the first online date he was going to have.

wow! way to put on the pressure. a virgin online dater? what happens if he somehow decided i was psycho? was i going to be his bad first online date story for years to come?

he was running late and as i was waiting for him, i started getting nervous... he might have been the virgin online dater, but i was starting to feel like i was it instead. so i did the only thing i knew which was to text my best friend...

jo: u know whats freaky? when ure waiting for ur date n u have no idea what he looks like coz u only had one pic to go from n u suddenly forgot all his stats...
jo: n it seems like e whole world is staring at u n u wonder if they recognise u from online dating or ure damn hot or u look like u just got stood up...
jo's best friend: haha i know exactly :) enjoy your date. stop being too paranoid.

when he finally arrived, i knew i had nothing to worry bout. he was cuter than i expected. dinner and the slow walk nearby while chatting was good. i think we actually managed to have a pretty open conversation. we're kinda on the same page bout a lot of things which is good. but i did feel some sorta pressure. i don't know... maybe that's just what happens when i "date" a christian guy and suddenly i feel like i'm this "bad christian" girl...


the following edited phone conversation (or maybe "interogation" if you choose to see it that way) took place at lunchtime on thursday:

jo: so how was last night's ladies night?
the yummy mommy: it was okay... more bad than good...
jo: bad? what's the place like?
the yummy mommy: it's dark
jo: er... as opposed to usual bar kinda dark?
the yummy mommy: you know those movies where they show vampire clubs? it's kinda like that
jo: haha! now you're just making me really wanna go there
the yummy mommy: haha! you should go
jo: is it something bout the decor?
the yummy mommy: i don't know... maybe...
jo: so did you last all the way till 3am?
the yummy mommy: nah i didn't drink much, i was mainly playing pool
jo: is *insert dj guy's name* behind the bar?
the yummy mommy: i think he's overseeing the place
the yummy mommy: hey did you know that he's engaged??

and there you have it. newsflash for the day. it's been confirmed that dj guy is indeed engaged.

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At 4:41 AM, Anonymous lailani said...


At 6:12 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

hepp.. atleast now u know.

The virgin online dater seems to be a decent chap, but u know what they say - if u wanna be a good girl u should get a bad boy (heck, I even think BsB did a song abt that)

so i fund myself kinda rooting for the "hardcore rock drummer boy with piercings and tattoos"...

yum! ;)

At 10:20 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

Wow. You know, the more you talk about him the more I think you're better off without him.

At 12:46 AM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said...

Well, at least you got some confirmation!

Way to serial date! I think I kinda dig the drummer boy too. Are you going out with the virgin online dater again?

At 9:49 PM, Blogger jo said...

to be honest the drummer boy is kinda wrong for me. the virgin online dater is somewhat promising in a "right on paper" way. and he has hinted that we will go out again so i'm just waiting for that i suppose.

At 2:51 AM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said...

How do you know the drummer is wrong for you? I've learned that sometimes "right on paper" turns out "wrong in reality"! Sometimes we may be surprised at what we may get from those that are "wrong"!

At 1:44 PM, Blogger jo said...

saneandsingle: i suppose it's just as you said that i'm continuing to give drummer boy a chance. i think he's wrong for me 'coz we don't really share the same values which i've learnt to realise that will probably be a problem in future.


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