Wednesday, September 24, 2008

4 guys to fulfill it all

the med student and i have been chatting on IM a fair bit and i must admit that it's really a joy to talk to him. and it seems like we can pretty much just talk bout anything at all.

somehow we just get along. we have similar interests and a strange number of coincedences. we're both somewhat athletic (acutally he's quite an uber athlete), support the same world cup sports team since the same season, have some similar church values (though he's catholic and i'm christian), love to read and go to the museums. and it's funny that he's a med student with an interest in the business side of things while i'm a business graduate with an interest in medical jargon.

so we were on one of our marathon conversations recently where at one point he "joked" that he believed in polygamy (yes i realise it's clearly not one of those church values haha!).

now i'm all for monogamy. i believe i'm the true blue monogamist type and i want the same for my partner as well. but later in a short break from our conversation, i thought bout it and decided that maybe it wasn't that bad an idea afterall...

maybe i could have one guy to have really good conversations with me, one guy who is a total hottie for the physical chemistry, one guy to provide the money and one guy to treat me really well. yep those 4 guys should settle all my needs.

i think we all search for that one guy to fulfill all those needs... but maybe it's easier to find 4 separate guys instead? haha!


maybe i should add one more to the list... one guy to make me laugh?

i had an impromptu lunch meeting up with pool boy who happened to be passing by my workplace location. and then we followed up with some IMing at work. i may not have a whole lot to say to him but one thing's for sure... the boy always cracks me up. that deadpan humour is freaking hilarious.


but no amount of laughing really makes me get over the fact that drummer boy still hasn't mentioned a damn thing bout the email!

seriously i'm sad and disappointed in him and that it turned out this way. it's like what my best friend said...

jo's best friend: i thought he was diff too. like someone who would make an effort and not be afraid or at least have the decency to face it when it's time

and i'm also wondering if it's me that no one ever thinks i'm so freaking awesome that they just have to be so proactive and be with me...

yes, i definitely wanna hit someone over the head with the ball...

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At 11:33 PM, Blogger Jade said...

4 men huh? Hmmm...what a thought. One man has never been able to fully handle me, so perhaps multiple men could be the answer? Although, that's 4 men to worry about, 4 men to cry over and 4 men to argue with...on second thought...

Interesting post.

At 12:38 AM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said... of my BFF's and I have talked about how it would take 4 different men to make that one perfect one!

At 12:00 PM, Blogger jo said...

jade: hmm you might be right bout the whole 4 men to worry bout, 4 men to cry over and 4 men to argue with. that just sounds like 4 times the torture.

saneandsingle: for real? you guys decided that 4 was the magic number? haha!


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