Wednesday, February 25, 2009

while in "civilisation"

in the last few weeks it's been busy at work but today marked the day where i moved into the makeshift offsite office where i will spend the next 2 weeks here as i go through the craziness that such events bring.

the swedish guy was away practically the entire of last week and was supposed to be back last sunday afternoon. i went back and forth on whether i should text him and in the end i caved. he replied that he had missed his flight and would only be back at midnight.

it was nice that when monday evening came around he texted me asking how i was. i had hoped to catch him before work started getting really crazy. so in a rather sneaky way i hinted that tuesday night was my "last day of so-called civilisation". he then promptly asked me if i wanted to meet up then for a "civilised drink".

we did. and it was a nice time per usual. conversation flowed over a few drinks at a nice chill-out place. i find myself wondering if he likes me. i mean the signs seem to point to that. but at the same time i have no idea if he likes only me or if he likes me enough. that's always the bigger problem isn't it?



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