Sunday, February 22, 2009

dredge up the old memories and make new ones

friday night i met up with my close friend from uni. we had a late dinner and then drinks to just catch up. since we were around the area, we thought to head over to a club where we liked the live band. i guess it also wasn't exactly a coincidence that i particularly liked the idea since i knew that that would be the place dj guy was celebrating his birthday.

it was strange when dj guy and i saw each other. i mean admittedly i didn't quite know what to expect. but even i wasn't expecting this. we hugged long and hard like old friends who hadn't seen each other in ages. well we hadn't seen each other in ages. we didn't get to chat much since he was with all his other good guy friends and you know how guys are.

dj guy's best friend was there. (well you know that story there...) and so was dj guy's best friend's girlfriend. it may seem strange how even after everything that happened, i can still get along pretty well with his girlfriend. dj guy's fiancee too for that matter. it's funny how despite everything, no one's relationship changed. except for mine and dj guy's of 'coz.

but i guess some things still don't. we hugged frequently. and he called me 'sweetheart' like he usually does. he ruffled my hair and kissed my head/cheek. and i'm reminded of how no matter what, there's probably always just gonna be something there between us. as my party girl and the yummy mommy said before, we just have a soft spot for each other.


after bouts of phone tag and postponings of meeting ups, i finally met up with the guy from the online dating site on saturday.

we arranged to meet at a bar for drinks and after half an hour, i was glad that he had declined meeting for dinner 'coz it would have just prolonged my suffering. i wasn't attracted to him... which honestly from his pictures, was something i expected. and while he seemed seemingly nice enough there were things that irked me. in essence, i was uncomfy with the way he seemed to treat the staff at the bar. he repeatedly asked for his drink or his change barely after 5 mins of taking his order or paying the bill. and he seemed unnecessarily impatient with 'em.

he also seemed to have an array of questions to quiz me on from "what was the reason for your screen name" to "tell me more bout your family". i asked him some stuff in return but frankly i didn't really care to know. i just didn't want him to know too much bout me.

and while i'm not necessarily an uber prude, i wasn't comfy with him touching me 5 mins after we met. his frequent touching of my arm, squeezing my thigh, putting an arm around me, rubbing my fingers or touching the neckline of my top annoyed me. and hence i nicknamed him touchy brit even though frankly i practically can't be bothered to nickname him.

1.5 hours later at 10pm, touchy brit suggests that we leave 'coz he's tired. and then a few minutes later changes his mind and asks if i would like to have another drink. i nearly wanted to just end the night and my increasing annoyance. but at the same time i was hoping to at least have some fun so i suggested the place next door. touchy brit had talked bout wanting to go there and i had been there once with the swedish guy for comedy night on halloween and loved the band there.

the night picked up for me as i listened to the band. but the whole night i was just thinking bout the swedish guy. from the glenmorangie whisky i drank (the swedish guy first introduced me to that brand) to the club where the swedish guy and i had our first "date". my thoughts were definitely on him. even while realising that there were an array of guys who were checking me out even though i was with another guy.

but then my thoughts quickly shifted to drummer boy when i got his text. i can't remember getting a text from him in bout 4 months. and it's not like it was a drunk booty call either. it was just a text of which the intentions i have no idea.

so admittedly we flirted a wee bit. well at least i flirted a wee bit. what could i do? i was a lil bored and i mean it's him, it's drummer boy. and later when i was alone, for some reason or another... maybe i had some alcohol or maybe for the simple reason that it's him, it's drummer boy... i cried a lil. 'coz it's him, it's drummer boy. and i can't ever truly forget him.

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