Tuesday, September 19, 2006

surprise me

the guy marvy the martian wanted to introduce to me is continuing to surprise me...

not that i think that marvy the martian wouldn't want to introduce to me a nice friend of his to me. afterall we're friends. but i guess first of all, i didn't expect to find his friend kinda cute. though that still maintains to be proven... a picture may tell a thousand words, but doesn't mean that all of 'em are true... secondly, i really didn't expect myself to feel that comfy talking to him.

marvy's setup decided to make the first move. he requested to be friends with me on a particular network. and then he sent me a friendly message. we messaged back and forth for a bit and i was surprised at how the messages seemed friendly and natural. there was kinda a genuine interest in knowing more bout each other. he then gave me his number and suggested meeting up... but no pressure. which i liked that. all to often i feel the pressure of the guy wanting to meet up when i haven't even sussed out what kind of vibe i was getting.

well i liked the vibe. it was a good vibe. so i gave him my number and told him to add me on IM.

our IM chat surprised me. i expected perhaps a certain level of awkwardness but there was none at all. we just got along really easily. i didn't feel like i had to think of something to say next. conversation just flowed naturally. before we logged off, he suggested meeting up again. i told him sure and to let me know.

well he did let me know... in fact we're supposed to meet up tomorrow. wow! 2 'dates' with 2 different guys on 2 consecutive days. we'll see what happens...


so i asked out of office eye candy to my friend's single party like i said i would. i think this would be the first time i actually asked him 'out' in a more social capacity. we texted each other back and forth for a bit before he called me 'coz he was driving. he likes to talk on the phone when he's driving. turns out that he may not be able to make it 'coz he has a church event. anyhow it was a nice conversation. which was very unfortunately cut short 'coz my phone battery died! what bad timing. oh well... at least we got to chat. there's something bout both of us being out of the office and chatting on the phone that makes it seem more friendly. and i guess even if he doesn't make for the party, at least i let him know that i'm open to the idea of us hanging out outside of work. i really do want to be friends with him. i mean we're already pretty friendly in the workplace despite not being in the same office. but colleagues who meet socially is a different level entirely.

i'll be inviting my london guy friend to the party on friday as well when i meet him tonight. well my friend told me to bring the studs so i'm trying haha!

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At 9:41 AM, Blogger Queen Vee said...

you GO girl! the more men you juggle, the better my vicarious living... ;)


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