Monday, September 18, 2006

and the guys just get funnier...

i haven't been doing this as much as i used to... partying 2 nights in a row. but this weekend was one of those times.

the party girl and i along with some other friends attended a birthday party at a club and then in our typical fashion, we started club hopping. she picked up some british guy from the birthday party who was heading to another club. so we went to that club to meet up with him. while we were there, we hung out with some german intern guys and suggested that we go to the club we always wind up at. us girls can get in for free 'coz we know the bouncers and club owners but we couldn't bring the guys in on a free ride so we told 'em to line up and then meet us inside. we never saw 'em. but of 'coz that doesn't phase us and soon later we got to know some australian and new zealander basketball players.

and that's when the funny began...

somehow i wound up talking to this australian guy whose parents were originally from russia and serbia. not long after he started laying it on me... telling me that he liked that i was confident enough to show my pretty face with my 'do, that i had nice eyes and that he wanted to kiss me. he asked if i wanted to go someplace quieter so we could talk. but then also said that he can't talk to me 'coz it makes him want to kiss me more. goodness. like i would actually fall for that 'let's go someplace quieter so we could talk' line. sure we were in a club. but we were in a courtyard lounging around in a seat. it was plenty quiet for us to talk. any place quieter would probably mean his house. as for the wanting to kiss me thing. well i'm glad that at least he didn't grab me. i did consider if i should just kiss him, perhaps a friendly one... or maybe not. but then i decided to exercise a lil more restrain. i should probably stop kissing random club guys haha!

later the girls decided to head to the second level of the club. the guys said they'd join us and we thought they were right behind... but apparently not. doesn't matter we always find our own fun. so we were just dancing upstairs and having a good time. except that as i was walking past, some guy smacked my butt. i spun around, gave him a death look and smacked him right back. if you do that, don't expect me to not reciprocrate it. and then as we were seated, some guy from san francisco came over and talked to me and pretty much expected me to go out and find him on the dance floor. i was tired and too nice and comfy in my seat.

but that said, the funniest thing of all didn't happen with any of the guys i met that night. the funniest thing was the text messages...

the australian psychologist guy texted me. he was chilling out at home and knew that i was out partying.

australian psychologist guy: if you want to sleep you know where to find me
jo: if i want to sleep, i'll just go home

he has to be kidding.

then i texted my london guy friend. we haven't contacted since the last time i talked to him briefly on IM. at first i told myself not to contact him. afterall i did tell him that i was giving him priority during this time when he's here and that he should let me know whenever he can make it so we can meet up. the ball is in his court. but that night i was just a lil bored and thinking of him so i texted him

jo: hey! are you out tonight?

i never got a reply from him. i must be the one kidding myself.


out of office eye candy and i are definitely having some telepathy going on.

i was just thinking of calling him to ask him bout something when he called. i told him bout the coincidence. after we were done with the work issue he called me bout and joking around bout some other work stuff in general as we always do, he asked what i wanted to call him bout.

jo: i wanted to ask you something
out of office eye candy: no sorry i'm not free tonight
jo: hahaha! how bout friday?
out of office eye candy: maybe. i have to check my schedule.
jo: hahaha!

actually what i wanted to call him bout is regarding a club that he told me he went to which i haven't been to. my friend who is based in dubai is coming back on thursday to get married over the weekend and she was thinking of holding a bachelorette party on friday night and one of her friends suggested that club. i outlined that to out of office eye candy and he suggested another club instead that i've been to and like. i in turn told my friend and it's been decided, friday night it's gonna be her bachelorette party night!

though some bachelorette party it's gonna be 'coz the boys are invited as well. hmm... maybe i should ask out of office eye candy along... haha!


my london guy friend just texted me. turns out he ran outta credits. okay... i can understand that. we're trying to meet up tomorrow...

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