Thursday, October 18, 2007

that restless feeling

i've noticed that of late i've been becoming more restless on a wednesday night.

last night wasn't really supposed to be a night to head out... but i was restless and anticipating an early morning on friday so i suggested to not-so-platonic ex-friend to bring forward our meeting up tonight to yesterday night.

he had made informal plans to meet my family friend's setup and couldn't quite give me an answer though he suggested perhaps we all meet together. but in the end he decided to have a boy's night out in the girlie bars.

for some reason i was more 'affected' by it than i should be. afterall it's not the first time i've heard of boys and those girlie bars. i knew staying at home would have made me even more restless and unsatisfied. i just had to get out for a beer. but even as i made plans to meet up with my party girl, i could still feel myself being slightly 'annoyed'.

i can't quite pinpoint it... i mean i fully expect girlie bars to be not-so-platonic ex-friend's thing. and 'coz he's so wrong that i don't even think bout it, therefore it's okay. maybe it was just the feeling that i'm getting more and more distant with my family friend's setup and that i start to wonder if he's capable of the things not-so-platonic ex-friend is capable of.

it turned out to be pretty fun with my party girl. just what i needed to distract myself. we had a couple of beers in a bar that i've never been to before heading over to cozy hole-in-the-wall bar to chill out.

the bartender aka dj guy did a good job of distracting me. after most everyone had left except for a bunch of youngsters we don't know (as in they weren't the regulars) lounging around upstairs, we made out at the bar. the process of me actually getting out of the bar turned out to be a 15 mins affair 'coz i kept getting distracted by dj guy's kisses. it was sweet. a lot of soft kisses (he says he loves my lips) and a few intense ones thrown in for good measure. it was also cheeky in that playful biting way. we almost couldn't quite stop kissing.

but eventually i got out of the bar and not into the store where he half wanted to bring me to... and i half wanted to follow him into...

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At 10:48 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

and i half wanted to follow him into...

What? Who said you were allowed to do cliffhangers?!

At 12:45 AM, Blogger JsTzznU said...

Me thinking you should JsT "do it" before it's dragged out so long, and the build up is so intense that it's ends up NOT being as hot/good as you though it would be and your disappointed...

JsT saying........ =)


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