Sunday, August 03, 2008

and the "serial dating" continues...

some time back in last late september and early october, i reached a new high with 4 dates with 4 different guys in one week. actually maybe that was stretching the truth a lil... 'coz i went out with the academic, chatty triathlete and the guy based in missouri but only made out with dj guy. so i guess technically that's 3 dates and a makeout session?

fast forward to now and in the last week i went out with with the divorcee, the indian lawyer, drummer boy and the virgin online dater. i even went out with drummer boy twice. so that makes 5 dates with 4 guys and no makeout session.

and it doesn't seem to be showing signs of slowing down...

the indian lawyer and i met up again on friday night for dinner and a movie. it was pretty fun. we ended the night early 'coz i had a early start and a long day on saturday.

things with drummer boy and i have been a lil strange, i guess is what you might call it. we've been texting each other throughout the day for the last few days. we met up on saturday afternoon just to chill out. we didn't do a whole lot but it was still pretty fun. i have no idea what's going on with us. there's a certain chemistry i suppose. but he's "wrong on paper". i don't know if and where this might head.

on saturday night i met up with the yummy mommy, another mutual girl friend of ours as well as some other friends of friends to go partying. maybe it was the club (which i don't usually like), or maybe it was 'coz i was a lil under the weather and therefore decided to curb the alcohol, but i didn't really have a whole lotta fun.

this random korean-american guy came up to talk to me and initially he seemed pretty alright, even though he did come across a lil cocky at times. but then he started getting closer and huggier with me and i got the distinctive feeling that he wanted to kiss me.

now we all know that i'm not above the random making out. but for some reason i didn't particularly feel like it this time. maybe it was 'coz i was too sober, or maybe it was 'coz i wasn't wildly attracted to him. he was persistent, i'll give him that. and i'm sad to say that in the end i "gave in". maybe 'coz i figured oh well what the heck, or maybe 'coz just to shut him up. not the best reasons but whatever. we kissed. honestly it wasn't that great. probably 'coz i knew the chemistry wasn't really there. and soon after i decided to head home. i didn't even bother attempting to maybe get his number to contact him. and i think i don't even care too much what he thought.

the next morning i awoke to a text from drummer boy...

drummer boy: good morning babe. had fun last night?
jo: good morning... last night was kinda strange... guess just not my thing...
drummer boy: strange? heh how so u made out with a strange guy?!?! hahaha
jo: hahaha! why? worried? haha! i meant strange as in i didn't really have a lotta fun. i think *insert name of club* really isn't my thing
drummer boy: hahaha worried? hmm maybe... :)

i didn't dare let on that drummer boy may have hit the nail on the head more accurately than he himself realised. not that he really needs to know right?

well for now i'm quite happy to "serial date". and i'm hoping to have some better make out sessions as well. 'coz while i have definitely missed it, that make out session on saturday just didn't cut it at all.

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At 12:56 AM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

"wrong on paper". how come we always say we want a nice guy but find us intrigued by the "wrong on paper" kinda guyz...

At 2:56 AM, Blogger SaneAndSingle said...

Ha! You didn't find that dude interesting because you are a busy dater these days! LOL

At 1:49 PM, Blogger jo said...

crashy: i'm with you, girl. maybe 'coz the "wrong on paper" guys are just more interesting?

saneandsingle: hahaha! you may have a point there :P but that said, if i were attracted to him, i could have easily made out with him and added him to the list of the boys i'm dating haha! speaking of which i will need to add to that list since i believe it has already started to get shorter... haha!


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