Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a 'them' update

sometimes my best friend's email cracks me up...

jo's best friend: how are things with you and erm... them?

indeed... how are things with... erm... them?

well... the guy based in missouri and i are still pretty actively chatting on IM. in fact he's asked me again to move there or visit him.

chatty triathlete has been calling me pretty frequently. he likes to chat on the phone. and he also makes it clear that he wants to meet up with me pretty often as well. i'm probably evil for saying this but sometimes i wished he wasn't so into me 'coz it's a lil stressful and overwhelming. i guess you just can't win.

during my recent vacation, i met up with my bodybuilder friend who i got to know via an online networking site. he's from here but is studying over there. anyhow we got along pretty well face to face. there was always something interesting to talk bout. but i'm beginning to realise that it's really different via IM. it's funny 'coz we first started chatting on IM. but lately i feel like it's just all him being suggestive which gets real boring real fast. he's interested in me... or at least in sorta hooking up with me... given all the suggestions of massages in hotel rooms and spanking my nice ass... but i'm starting to actually recoil from the idea of meeting up with him again when he's back for a holiday next month... i mean i have zero attraction to him and really just wanna stay platonic friends and stay away from the suggestive stuff..

my family friend's setup seemed to have pretty much disappeared from the face of earth. okay well he hasn't really. i mean i still see him online. and once in a while i actually do start up an IM conversation with him. but so far it hasn't been all that engaging. it's such a pity... he had such possible potential...

as for the guy who's been occupying most of my mind... well no new developments with dj guy... then again i haven't been to cozy hole-in-the-wall bar yet...

maybe it's time for someone brand new?

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At 10:46 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

Yeah, bring in some fresh new prey.

hahah wow, that sounded bad, but sometimes you just need to clean up the closet you know, update. Cuz it seems like the neverending story - the one you like dont seem to be into you; those who are into you, you couldn't be bothered with; and then there are some that just leaves you confused.

why cant it be easy - find a guy you fancy who fancies you back and you start getting to know each other better and take it from there... is that really too much to ask?


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