Monday, November 05, 2007

slighty paralyzed

friday night was the usual night with my party girl and the yummy mommy. but it was a lil different and basically reminded me of how things were before i became just bout a permanent fixture in cozy hole-in-the-wall bar.

we went to a different bar to celebrate the yummy mommy's friend's birthday. the bar was packed and we had to pretty much stand the entire time. but the martinis were cheap and the music was good so pretty soon the yummy mommy and i were fuelled up and dancing away.

that said, i think i just bout forgot how to be social. i was almost slightly bored 'coz i wasn't exactly in my comfort zone and felt a lil stressed at feeling like i had to try and be more social. i ran into not-so-shy texan who i haven't seen in a year. i was making my way to the bathroom when i saw him outta the corner of my eye. i pretended not to see him and secretly wished he wouldn't recognise me since i have changed my hairstyle. but as i walked past, he grabbed me and we chatted for a bit.

at some point in the night, i was dancing with this guy who was part of the birthday party gang. but then he kept trying to hold my hand even though we stopped dancing. he must really like to hold hands. but i was just not feeling it at all. maybe 'coz he seemed to be hitting on the yummy mommy initially. and soon the player type that he seemed to be, moved on to my party girl. in fact they actually disappeared for a while. when they finally returned, my party girl shared that he tried to kiss her but she wasn't into him.

later us 3 girls headed to another part of town to party. we went to a club that i haven't been in ages. we used to go there practically every week. by then i probably already had a lil too much martinis and some other drinks which means that i'm in my full dance mode.

it was all pretty fun... except that i forgot that in times like these, i really need to keep my phone away from me.

recipients of my tipsy text asking where they were at were the youngest one and dj guy.

the youngest one replied immediately that he was home and asked where i was. i told him and asked him if he was heading out on wednesday. he replied asking if i was drinking and why i was asking bout wednesday so many days in advance. there was a reason. but i decided not to bother to explain. but basically i made plans with some ex-colleagues to head to a club that the youngest one goes to (the one where i met him) on wednesday. i guess i was in part wondering if ladies night was still on and if he might be there.

dj guy replied after a while saying that he was closing cozy-hole-in-the-wall bar. i replied telling him where i was and asking him to look for me. he never replied. as a bonus dj guy was also the recipient of my drunk dial. he never picked up. and he never brought up the subject either. excellent. this once again proves my excellent taste in men.

my latest song obsession is finger eleven's paralyzer. i think that somehow reminds me of dj guy.

"well i'm not paralyzed
but i seem to be struck by you
i want to make you move
because you're standing still"

then again i could also say that bout quite a few guys haha! story of my life so far...

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At 5:06 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

hahah I so totally know what u mean. Why wont we just accept a dead end when we see it.

Mayeb thats what u gotto do, move away from your comfort zone and go to places you dont go, try out the things you have put on hold. Travel, join a music group, take a course in painting - what do I know... just do something ;)

At 5:06 PM, Blogger Crashdummie said...

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At 11:19 PM, Blogger Scotty said...

Yeah, I would have to agree that those lyrics pretty much sum it up. He's the one missing out, not you.

At 4:40 AM, Blogger Miss Pickle said...

Scotty is guy is the one missing out!

Funny you're into that song right now. That one and "Keep Your Memory Vague" (by the same band) are played a lot on my iPod. A lot.

At 7:55 AM, Blogger The Ambiguous Blob said...

no drunk dialing!!! this includes drunk texting!!!
drunk blogging, however, is a very good idea.

At 10:06 AM, Blogger jo said...

crashy: i have no idea why i won't accept a dead end. i must be pathetic. and yeah i think this year has already been a year of doing different things.

scotty: damn right dj guy is missing out... *must repeat this many times to myself*

miss pickle: ooh that i'll keep your memory vague song is pretty good...

the ambiguous blob: haha! i hardly drunk blog 'coz by the time i get back, i can't be bothered to get on my computer...


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