Wednesday, December 30, 2009

these could very well have been my very worst dates

recently i've been addicted to reading where people get to share their worst date story be it the first date or a date occuring somewhere further down along the dating process.

while the stories were shocking, hilarious and essentially made me breathe a sigh of relief that for the most part, my dates were never that bad, it also did start me thinking about my own "horror" dating stories.

there was the poet guy and the first date where i was thankful that a movie spared us 2 hours of having to make smalltalk and where i actually exaggerated feeling under the weather to cut the date short simply 'coz i wasn't attracted to him at all and was fighting the urge to jump a mile away every time he made any light physical contact.

there was the touchy brit and the first date where he quizzed me on an array of topics, touched my arm, thigh, hand, neck within 5 mins of meeting him and was unnecessarily impatient with the service staff at the bar.

there was the annoying mouth-clicker and the first date where he kept on clicking his mouth in an annoying manner, implied that me pushing myself in my sport meant that i had something to prove to the world and where i was so bored and annoyed that i just bout chased him off to his next appointment with his student.

and of 'coz not forgetting prick04 and that particular valentine's day date (though not on the actual day itself) in 2004 which marked the original crash and burn that left me "scarred" sufficiently that it took me 6 months before i could even tell my best friend what happened. though of 'coz subsequently there was so much drama with him that it didn't even need actual dates for him to have been the worst person i've ever dated. ever.

so yes, dating is definitely hard and sometimes it seems like you meet a whole lot more frogs than potential princes. but in the end, i came out of all these bad dating situations pretty alright. and in some weird way i'm "glad" that it happened 'coz it just added to my dating "experience" and certainly did make for some interesting (and perhaps horrifying) stories.

besides, you gotta know the bad to appreciate the good right?

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At 3:55 AM, Blogger Dater at Large said...

I concur. Without crazy bad dating stories you'd never really appreciate the crazy good times. Plus having experienced the ups and downs of dating I know I won't "miss my single days" when I'm all settled down and stuff (like some of my married friends do).

Happy New Year to you!

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At 1:17 PM, Anonymous G said...

First I need to start dating maybe and then I guess I'll get to the tough parts.
The best bit is looking over them and laughing though. Hopefully, with the prince so you can guilt trip him about all the frogs you had to kiss.


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